Kate Pfeilschiefter

Kate Pfeilschiefter is a concept artist, illustrator and 3D character/creature artist raised in the pacific northwest and currently creating within Redmond Washington. Her inspirations span the gap between science and myth; from mythological beasts and cryptids to zoology, ecology and speculative biology. She specializes in creature design and modeling, though equally enjoys creating the environments in which these monsters, species and spirits live; helping to make them and their surroundings feel believable, intrinsic and occasionally too close for comfort.

In her free time she spends long hours interrogating flora and fauna, poking strange mushrooms in the woods, loosing arrows and collecting animal skulls.


Clients / Work

Lead Creature Artist at ArenaNet

Paizo Publishing, Wizards of the Coast, Digital Double, Ember Lab, Harebrained Schemes, North Star Games, ImagineFX, Fantasy Artist Magazine, 3DTotal Publishing, 3D Artist Magazine

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